Inpatient Services

Wayne County Hospital provides comprehensive medical care in our Medical/Surgical Unit and in our Intensive Care Unit (ICU). We also have eICU capability, a remote monitoring system for critically ill patients at Wayne County Hospital.

With eICU care, physicians specializing in intensive care medicine (intensivists) from St. Lukes Health System, MO lead a care team that works with WCH ICU staff to monitor critical care patients around the clock. The eICU uses high resolution cameras, phones and software that evaluate real time patient physiological data for thresholds and trends. It’s a little like an air traffic control center staffed with critical care experts who are networked to ICU patients across the system by voice, video and data. This data is continually monitored by an Intensivist and critical care nurses located at the St. Luke’s eICU center.
Our nursing staff is dedicated to caring for you and is made up of highly trained and experienced individuals. It is our mission to make your stay with us as comfortable and pleasant as possible. A Case Manager will work with you to determine what additional services or resources you may need.

Our patient wing is set back from the main hospital area to provide a quiet, healing environment. Large, spacious rooms provide ample room for patients, visitors and care providers. Wireless internet service is available throughout the hospital for you and your visitors.

Nursing alcoves located outside patient rooms provide close access and convenient electronic charting. The nursing staff is also provided with handheld phones for direct communication with patients. Patients are able to call their nurse directly to request bedside assistance. This ensures a quicker response time and one on one communication.