Disease Spotlight

“It’s a virus and the only thing that will make it better is time.” We have all heard these words before, but being a parent of a helpless child that’s been up all night coughing, it’s natural for you to feel bad for them. You are both exhausted and want it all fixed now….. BUT WAIT!!! It’s viral and there is nothing more than over the counter symptomatic relief, fluids and rest to ease your child’s illness.

Did you know that antibiotics are overused and this increases the development of drug-resistant germs? Antibiotics are used to treat BACTERIAL infections, NOT VIRAL. Treating viruses with antibiotics does not work, and it increases the likelihood that you will become ill with an antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection in the future. Antibiotic resistance is not just a problem for the infected person, but some resistant bacteria have the potential to spread to others, promoting antibiotic resistant illnesses.

Make sure if an antibiotic is recommended by a medical provider, it is taken exactly as prescribed, and complete the course until it’s gone even if you start feeling better. You can help prevent the spread of infections by practicing good hand hygiene and getting recommended vaccines. Remember, if your provider does not think you need an antibiotic, do not ask for one. Antibiotics often times have side effects and they may do more harm than good if you don’t really need them. In children, reactions to antibiotics are the most common cause of emergency department visits for adverse drug events.