Billing Information

Request an Estimate of Charges

Wayne County Hospital’s Business Office is available to assist you with any questions concerning your account. If you have a procedure that is pending, you may contact us ahead of time and we will be happy to provide you with an estimate of the charges involved. This will provide you with information helpful in your planning.

Please call our Business Office at 641-872-5293 for assistance.


As an inpatient, you will receive separate bills from the hospital and your physicians. Your bill from Wayne County Hospital is for hospital services.

Physician Fees: You will receive a separate bill from each of the physician groups who interpret the results of tests performed while at WCH. Separate bills may be received from each of the physician specialty groups such as: anesthesiology, cardiology, pathology, radiology and surgery.

Wayne County Hospital accepts VISA and MasterCard credit cards for payment of accounts.