WCH Adds Digital Radiography

WCH Radiology Director, Katie Newton, demonstrates the new digital radiography equipment.

WCH Radiology Director, Katie Newton, demonstrates the new digital radiography equipment.

(Corydon, December 7, 2016): The Wayne County Hospital Radiology Department is pleased to announce their transition from computed radiography to digital radiography (DR). Upgrading to the Konica Minolta new AeroDR LT provides numerous benefits including faster scanning, lower dose and better image quality. “We are extremely pleased to provide this enhanced level of radiology service for our patients. With this advanced digital capability we can now preview images immediately after exposure and deliver full detail images within six seconds of exposure, commented Radiology Director, Katie Newton, RT(R)(M),ARRT.

There are also additional, more advanced benefits since the AeroDR LT was designed to maximize efficiencies and provide the flexibility of providing both in-room and outside of the radiology department scans, such as at the patient’s bedside or in the ER/trauma or intensive care unit. The AeroDR LT weighs 5.5pounds (2.5kg) and has the ability to hold patients up to 661 pounds (300kg) on a bed.

Improvements include better workflow management with the elimination of handling cassettes; higher return on investment with improved patient processing; the DR is a more environmentally–friendly option; multiple storage options are available as digital images can be stored using both on-site and off-site PACS; images captured with the DR are extremely portable and can be transferred on a CD, flash drive or in an email. The image acquisition speed provided by DR allows off-site doctors and radiologists the ability to read images almost instantaneously after they are captured. This provides faster diagnosis, response time and better patient service.

Wayne County Hospital Radiology Department provides complete radiology services including digital radiography, digital mammography, ultrasound, bone density, CT scan, teleradiology; plus, mobile services including echocardiogram, MRI, nuclear medicine and vascular studies. For more information please call 641-872-2260.