WCH Specialty Clinic Offers DOT Physicals

DOT Physical May 19 2014

Congratulations to James McIntosh, the first patient to complete the DOT Physical Exam at the WCH Specialty Clinic with provider Sally Stanley, ARNP and Diane Rogers, CMA.

Corydon, May 20, 2014: The Wayne County Hospital (WCH) Specialty Clinic is providing DOT Physical Examinations for all commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operators following the federal regulations that went into effect January 30, 2014.

DOT Physicals are available Mondays with Sally Stanley, ARNP, and Fridays with Cindy Salsberry, ARNP at the WCH Specialty Clinic. Please be advised these new DOT regulations are extremely detailed and careful attention is needed to ensure you have all the necessary paperwork completed for your physical exam. Due to the detailed requirements DOT Physicals are conducted separately and no longer included with a regular family practice clinic visit.

These new regulations do not change who has to obtain a Commercial Driver License (CDL) or who has to obtain a Medical Examiner’s certificate. They do require two things:

1. All CDL holders and CDL applicants must self-certify the type of driving they are engaged in.

2. Drivers that certify to non-excepted interstate driving must give the Iowa DOT a copy of their Medical Examiner’s Certificate, and must keep that certificate current.

For complete information on DOT Physicals visit our website at

Appointments are being made 10-14 days out to allow time to complete the necessary documentation. To schedule your DOT Physical Exam, please call our call center and identify that you are calling for a DOT Physical at 641-872-2063.