WCH Nurse Promotions

Corydon – September 12, 2011: Wayne County Hospital (WCH) is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeralee McCarty, RN, BSN, to the position of Med/Surg Director. This key position oversees the nursing division on the Medical / Surgical Unit.  “As my ‘right-hand person’ I am delighted to have Ms. McCarty move into this position.  She brings over 20 years of
direct patient care nursing experience in the hospital setting. Her passion and ability to relate and provide comfort to patients and their families is beyond measure,” commented Sheila Mattly, CNO.

This position is responsible for shift scheduling, employee evaluations, rounding on staff and other departments that directly impact nursing.  Careful monitoring and improvement of patient satisfaction survey results are a key component of the job. Ms. McCarty  is the nursing liaison with all departments and the nursing unit.

Starting at WCH as a nurse’s aide while still in high school, Ms. McCarty is well acquainted with the organization. She also serves as the registered nurse for the Murphy Place Assisted Living tenants and provides on-going nursing education for the Murphy Place staff. She participates in several hospital committees including Quality Improvement, Utilization Review/Compliance, Critical Access Hospital, Observation Committee, Swingbed Nursing Facility Interdisciplinary meetings and the HealthLand Steering Committee. A graduate of the Grand View College, in Des Moines, Ms. McCarty holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing.

In addition, we are pleased to announce the promotion of Jill Henkle, RN to OB Director
of the WCH Roger and Janet Winslow Family Maternity unit. “Ms.  Henkle brings a level of enthusiasm and dedication for excellent quality care that has developed the WCH OB Unit to the high standard of care it provides today. We are extremely fortunate to have Ms. Henkle lead our OB Team.” commented Sheila Mattly, CNO.  Through her insight, Ms. Henkle identified the need to coordinate pre-natal care visits in the clinic setting with the hospital care they will receive during delivery. Pre-natal classes provide the continuum of care and the opportunity to interact with new families early on during pregnancy.

Ms. Henkle participates in several WCH committees including Quality Improvement, Critical Access Hospital, HealthLand Steering Committee and Observation Committee.

This position is directly responsible for overseeing the care provided; working one-one one with new OB nurses to hone their skill level and provide on-going training for the OB nursing staff.  Monthly OB meetings and education related to OB and newborns are provided. Ms. Henkle continues to have an active role in providing direct patient care in the hospital setting.  Scheduled rounding on staff and other departments that directly impact the OB Unit is an important part of her routine.

Ms. Henkle graduated from Indian Hills Community College in 1995 with Associate of Science Degree in Nursing.  She started at WCH 1999 left briefly to develop an assisted living facility with Alzheimer’s unit in 2002 and returned WCH in 2004.  She is currently pursuing certifications in electronic fetal monitoring and labor and delivery

Ms. Henkle is a member of AWHONN (Association of Women’s Health Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses). She is a NRP (neonatal resuscitation provider) instructor and Certified Breastfeeding Instructor and a Level One representative for the Statewide Peri-Natal Group.

We are pleased to have these two Wayne Community High School alumni sharing their skills, professionalism and dedication to quality care here at WCH and welcome them to their new positions.