WCH Launches Major Hospital Marketing Campaign

Corydon – December 22, 2011: Wayne County Hospital (WCH) will start the New Year with the introduction of a new marketing campaign “Defining Excellence.” Following many months of work with an outside healthcare marketing agency conducting a thorough analysis of the hospital’s current market position including patient and employee focus groups; excellence prevailed as the dominate characteristic. The results indicated WCH is recognized for providing excellent care, having a friendly and caring staff and for being a progressive healthcare organization.

The ‘Defining Excellence’ campaign is visually represented by an adaption of the dictionary’s format of a word definition. “ Defining Excellence epitomizes who we are and what we are most passionate about: providing the best care to our patients, the best place for our providers to practice and the best place for our employees to work.” commented, Daren Relph, CEO.

Cedar Falls based, ME&V Healthcare Marketing & Fundraising, designed the campaign. Designed to create awareness and a selection preference for Wayne County Hospital among consumers, the campaign will include a mix of billboard, radio spots, print and Provider advertising. The WCH website will also incorporate the campaign theme in its new design.

Wayne County Hospital and Clinic System is experiencing substantial growth. With the addition of several new Providers this year, and two more scheduled to start, WCH is committed to providing the level of service our patients expect and deserve. We understand the meaning of a very good patient experience and the superior care required to meet that expectation.

As part of our ongoing commitment to service excellence, for several years WCH has partnered with two outstanding organizations; Press Ganey, one of the industry leaders in patient satisfaction measurement; and the Studer Group, a healthcare consulting firm committed to service excellence through established standards of accountability and performance measurement. The information gathered at the focus groups together with WCH’s key Studer principles fostered the development of the “defining excellence” campaign.  This campaign represents how our patients and employees view Wayne County Hospital and that we strive to meet the excellence standard every day.

Patient perception is extremely important and the random sampling of surveys mailed to patients who receive treatment in Ambulatory Surgery, the Emergency Department, Inpatient and/ or Outpatient areas tells us how we are doing. The detailed information is a vital tool to maintaining high service delivery standards.

“Our focus is on quality and we will continue to work with our physicians and staff to continuously raise the bar,” said Daren Relph, CEO. “By monitoring state and national data, we gain valuable insight on how our performance compares to other healthcare providers. This information is shared throughout the organization as we continually work to improve the care and service we provide to our patients, their families and visitors.”

In addition to hospital brand image advertising, specific service lines will be featured starting with Orthopedics. These advertisements will be used to create awareness and develop an identifying connection at the local level to drive response to utilization of these services at WCH. Defining Excellence has been shaped and embodied by the WCH hospital employees and Providers who promote excellent care and outcomes for their patients every day.  This worthwhile goal is our commitment to the community we serve.