WCH Introduces New Orthopedic Services

Dr. Shehada Homedan, M.D. of Southern Iowa Orthopedic Services joined Wayne County Hospital in September of this year.  This service, operated by the Davis County Hospital, Ringgold County Hospital and the Wayne County Hospital in a collaborative affiliation, is designed to provide quality regional orthopedic care.

Dr. Homedan, a native of Jordan, completed the rigorous orthopedic surgery program at the Jordan University of Science and Technology, followed by an orthopedic trauma fellowship at the University of New Mexico Hospital, and an orthopedic adult reconstructive & orthopedic sports medicine fellowship at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

“The concept of providing an orthopedic service has grown over the years” said Brian Burnside, CEO of Wayne County Hospital.  “While the demand for orthopedic services continues to grow, it has become increasingly difficult to retain orthopedic services at our rural hospital locations.  We felt we needed to provide a creative solution to provide the services our patients need locally. By coming together with Davis and Ringgold County Hospitals we have been able to establish the Southern Iowa Orthopedic Service focused on providing exceptional, quality orthopedic care to the southern half of the state of Iowa and the northern most tier of Missouri.  Our patients are our first priority and that is why we have developed this regional orthopedic service together with the convenience of  in-house diagnostic imaging services and in-house physical therapy for follow-up rehabilitation.  Our team approach gives us the ability to maintain close contact with our patients throughout the healing process to ensure the best possible outcomes.”

Dr. Homedan became interested in orthopedics while doing his first surgical rotation: “The OR setting in itself is exciting and when you put that together with the challenges presented in orthopedics, I knew it was something I would enjoy. The instruments used in orthopedic surgery make it even more interesting.”

When making the choice of where to practice Dr. Homedan stated; “Choosing to live in Iowa was attractive to us. My family and I enjoy the rural setting, the area is nice, less crowded and away from the fast pace of the city.  I think this is a good place to establish a successful practice and provide people with a service they need.  When I interviewed at each of the facilities, Davis, Ringgold and Wayne County Hospitals, I found the staffs to be of a high caliber, encouraging, open minded, and flexible which makes it much easier for me and for the entire process to come together and be successful.”

Dr. Homedan is joined by his wife and three children and expecting a fourth. He is an avid soccer fan and enjoys playing and competing in soccer matches.

Dr. Homedan will see cases that pertain to most fractures, shoulder & knee arthoplasty, total knee and total hip replacements.  Cases are seen with a referral from your personal provider. Providers interested in scheduling an appointment with Dr. Homedan may do so by contacting the nearest affiliated hospital at the following locations:

Davis County Hospital, Bloomfield, IA  641- 664-2145; Ringgold County Hospital, Mt. Ayr, IA  641-464-3226 or Wayne County Hospital, Corydon, IA 641-872-2260 ext: 259
(Press Release 9/03/08)