WCH introduces new hospital attire for patients

Tired of those old, open hospital gowns, that never stayed in place?  We’ve heard your concerns. Wayne County Hospital continues to lead the way when it comes to the comfort and care of its clientele and has just introduced the Karen Neuburger hospitalwear ™ for patients.  Developed a few years ago, the Karen Nueburger ® product line was created in response to health care organizations’ desire to improve the comfort and dignity of patients while in a hospital setting.

The soft fabric, comfort-inspired garments have performed well went put through rigorous hospital laundry performance tests.  In addition to providing comfort, the design offers functional features pertinent to the hospital setting such as full coverage in the back, openings below the neckline, and tie closures along the sleeves to give clinical personnel instant access while maintaining a patient’s comfort, dignity, and privacy.  The innovative wrap-around ties make it easy for patients to use and keep in place.

“We are very excited to offer this new style hospitalwear™ to our patients,” said Sheila Mattly, Chief Nursing Officer. “Our hospitalwear™ includes an IV/telemetry gown; a drawstring pant, and a special mammogram gown all created from the Karen Neuburger brand signature soft cotton/poly blend fabrics. Not only are they more comfortable and convenient for the patient, they also give nurses easier access to IV lines, while continuing to provide privacy for the patient.”

Wayne County Hospital continues to focus on patient satisfaction and providing quality care.  “Our continued commitment is to enhancing the patient experience and providing a comfortable healing environment.  We believe these garments will definitely increase our patients’ comfort during their stay.” said Brian Burnside, CEO. (Press Release 3/03/08)