Wayne County Hospital adds High-Definition Surgery

Patients undergoing surgery at the Wayne County Hospital (WCH) will now have access to one of the most technologically advanced operating facilities in the area. The hospital’s investment in a new, state-of-the art “visualization system” in the operating suite enables physicians to see better and maneuver instruments more easily during minimally invasive surgery.  “This new high-definition digital imaging provides very clear, detailed pictures for our surgeons,” says CEO, Brian Burnside. The operating room is outfitted with a Stryker tower, high definition cameras and plasma monitors providing a more efficient environment for surgical procedures.

 This advanced medical technology provides WCH surgeons the ideal environment for minimally invasive, camera-assisted laparoscopic surgeries including cholesystectomy (gall bladder surgery), hernia repair, nephrectomy, anti-reflux surgery and colon resections.  Minimally invasive surgery is typically less traumatic than conventional open surgery, as the patient requires only small incisions and the use of a scope to see the interior of the body.

WCH is committed to providing the community with the highest level of healthcare.  The upgrade of our surgical suite will help reduce patient time in the operating room, result in shorter hospital stays and reduce procedural costs while increasing the productivity of our hospital. “From a surgical and technological perspective, this enhancement allows us to do some cases we might not have been able to do before.  The state-of-the-art optics are superb,” said Dr. William Stanley.  “For our patients, it means they will find the most progressive health care available in their own community. We are excited to offer such an advanced surgical setting at Wayne County Hospital,” said CEO, Brian Burnside. (Press Release 2/25/08)