Successful Survey

April 22, 2010: Wayne County Hospital successfully completed its recent survey by the Iowa Department of Inspection and Appeals (DIA) Health Facilities Division for recertification. This state regulatory agency functions for the Center of Medicare and Medicaid to assure a facility’s compliance with state and federal regulations. This unannounced on-site inspection is conducted at least every five years to assess the quality of care and services provided.  This Division also investigates complaints alleging improper care or treatment in its licensed /certified facilities.

The survey team rates the facility on the adherence to specific regulations and interpretive guidelines. During the 4 day visit, every department in the hospital was inspected with the exception of the Dialysis Unit and Murphy Place Assisted Living which are required to undergo a separate, unit specific, survey process.

The inspection includes checking for outdated medications, equipment issues, infection rates, water temperature, cleaning procedures, protection of staff, protection of patients, proper food temperatures and that the policies and procedures are in compliance with the regulations.  If problems are discovered during an inspection, the Division can initiate corrective and/or disciplinary action to assure a facility’s compliance with state and federal rules.  WCH was found to be in compliance and recertification was granted.