Renovation news

The renovation project continues to gain momentum. At the October 15th Board Meeting the Board of Directors approved a series of motions further setting the stage for this future development. Among the motions was the approval of the proposed construction/renovation budget at $5.8 million, and approval of the project scope and design. (Posted 10/22/07)

At a special Board session held August 2006, the Board of Directors selected Septagon Construction Co., Inc., and RDG Planning & Design to become our partners in designing a renovation to the Emergency Department and an addition of private inpatient rooms. The conversion of the existing semi-private to private rooms is expected to include dedicated hospice rooms and reconstruction of the OB Department. We are currently in the planning stages of this project. Group meetings with each department involved have been held to determine the exact needs for each area. The conceptual drawings have been reviewed and adjusted. The final plans are being laid out by the architect for review and presentation to the Board of Trustees. (Posted 11/03/06)

At the December 18, 2006, Board meeting, the Board of Directors considered and approved the following motions for the WCH administration to pursue:
1. Request clarification from CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) re: reimbursement percentage on the nursing wing/ private room addition.
2. Request clearance from the Iowa CON (Certificate of Need) Board for non-reviewability.
3. Initiate preliminary fundraising efforts.
4. Continue design process to next level of detail and negotiate future fees.
5. Request assistance of Mercy / ICE Technologies to develop IT recommendation within 90 days.
6. Identify potential parties that may be affected by the final design.
7. Request engineer consultation re: infrastructure (to include plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and IT considerations) (Posted 12/22/06)