New Computed Radiography at Wayne County Hospital helps to speed up exams, brings sharper image quality using a low X-ray dose

Wayne County Hospital (WCH) announced today the installation of a Philips BuckyDiagnost X-ray system. The BuckyDiagnost system helps enhance productivity, speeding up workflow and throughput compared to conventional film-based radiography.

“With the BuckyDiagnost, our radiology department is now much more efficient and patient diagnoses happen more quickly than before,” said Brian Burnside, CEO. “With its efficiency and dramatically sharper X-ray images, the computed radiography enhances our capabilities as we transition from a conventional film-based imaging site to a more advanced digital department.”

With conventional radiography, patients can be subjected to retakes and longer exam times. With the BuckyDiagnost system, clinicians and patients are experiencing faster exam times, and more detailed diagnostic images with fewer retakes or delays. Digital handling of patient and administrative data, shortened image acquisition times and faster image distribution can all enhance department efficiency. Computed digital radiography can also serve as the foundation for a broader digital architecture that improves the sharing of images and information in the hospital.

WCH chose the BuckyDiagnost in part because it employs an imaging plate for the acquisition of images, resulting in exceptional clarity that can result in enhanced diagnostic confidence. In addition, the system employs a concept from Philips called DoseWise, featuring built-in safeguards that automatically allow clinicians to obtain the highest quality images using low doses of X-ray radiation. Studies show that minimizing dose is especially important when imaging pediatric patients, who are more susceptible to harmful side effects from X-ray radiation exposure.

“It’s reassuring for our staff and patients to know that we use patient-friendly imaging technology,” said Tamy Samuels, R.T.R., WCH Imaging Department Director. “With the new Philips system, we can avoid unnecessary exposure to excess X-ray radiation, with no loss in diagnostic performance.”

“I am delighted that Wayne County Hospital has chosen the BuckyDiganost,” said Scott Burkhart, Director, Marketing, General X-ray, Philips Medical Systems, North America. “This is a good example of how Philips and our customers are working together to shape the future of healthcare through advanced department efficiency and patient care.”

Appointments with the WCH Imaging Department may be scheduled by calling 641-872-2260 ext: 235.
(Press Release 11/13/08)