New Advanced CT Scanner Provides Earlier Disease Detection

Wayne County Hospital’s (WCH) Imaging Department has completed the installation and staff training on the new top-of-the-line 16-slice Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner at their facility.  The new Brillance CT scanner from Philips Medical Systems features advanced technology that produces split-second high quality images, permitting providers to see greater anatomical detail in a fraction of the time needed for other tests.

This new CT Scanner is a tremendous asset in helping providers diagnose certain diseases earlier and offer more effective treatment of a wide range of life threatening illnesses, including heart disease, cancer, stroke and lung disease. The enhanced speed of the exam and the sub-millimeter detail provided by the new CT scanner contributes to more rapid assessment and decision making in trauma cases, where time is critical, for example when someone is injured in a car accident.

The extensive image information is provided in a very detailed resolution made up of a collection of narrow image slices presented as a three-dimensional cross-sectional image of the inside of the body.  The system offers clinicians greater confidence in routine studies, as well as the ability to perform more advanced motion-sensitive applications such as pulmonary and short breath-hold cardiac studies. Software allows the radiologist to adjust the images to highlight specific tissues.

During the non-invasive test, the patient is placed on a table and slowly moved through the donut-shaped scanner while an X-ray beam is projected through cross sections of their anatomy.  The X-ray energy passes through the patient and is recorded on electronic detectors in the scanner. Special technology minimizes the patient radiation dose without compromising image quality including built-in pediatric protocols to further reduce exposure to children.

Another benefit is the ability to provide larger patients with a CT scan option here at WCH. The new scanner has a table weight capacity of up to 440 lbs., which provides some patients with a diagnostic opportunity not easily found elsewhere.

“This CT system offers a combination of clinical excellence and patient safety, with the greatest benefit being increased capabilities for early detection,” said Tamy Samuel, RTR Director of Imaging Services.  “We put a premium on providing our physicians the best diagnostic tools and the real winners continue to be our patient community,” continued Brian Burnside, CEO of Wayne County Hospital.(Press Release 3/03/09)