Lisa Skinner, CMA completes Physician Office Health Coach training

Health Coach, Lisa Skinner, CMA

Health Coach, Lisa Skinner, CMA

Corydon, August 14, 2013: Wayne County Hospital and Clinic System is pleased to announce that Lisa Skinner, CMA completed the Physician Office Health Coach training program. Held at Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines, the 3-day program was followed by a written and practical competency testing at Des Moines University. Lisa joins Martha Hoch, RN as one of two health coaches available to our patients.

Lisa’s role as a health coach is to support patient self-management and individual responsibility, build motivation and facilitate health behavior changes to support patient success. Focused on health management, wellness and lifestyle management this approach helps practitioners deliver better clinical and cost outcomes. Based at the South Central Iowa Medical Clinic, Lisa works directly with clinic staff to build leadership, facilitate skills in implementing Wagner’s Care Model, and lead quality improvement processes to increase overall effectiveness of the medical clinic.

Physician offices are challenged with an increasing number of patients with chronic conditions in a healthcare environment that demands documentation of quality of care. This medical home setting within the clinic provides comprehensive and continuous medical care to patients with the goal of obtaining maximized health outcomes. Physicians can improve the support of their patients; improve office workflow, and improve clinic patient outcomes. The Physician Office Health Coach assists individual patients to improve self-management skills by evaluating the overall effectiveness of chronic care management in the primary care setting.

The training program is designed to support the role of the Physician Office Health Coach by teaching practical skills in performing five major functions. They include: 1) Using a disease registry, collecting, analyzing and reporting population-based clinical outcome measures, 2) Conducting pre-visit chart reviews for patients, 3) Supporting patient self-management skills through health coaching techniques, 4) Coordinating care and 5) Assisting in quality improvement processes for improved patient care management within the clinic.

“I am excited to offer these services and know that implementing this program will be beneficial for our patients. I am very grateful for this position in our community. Often there are underlying issues that patients need help with that keep them from attaining their health goals. This is how we can get to the bottom of those health issues, by peeling back the layers, digging in and taking the time to find out what they need to help them be healthier,” commented Lisa Skinner, CMA. For more information on health coach services, please call 641-872-2063.