ICN Launches Broadband Matters Campaign

 (Des Moines, IA, 12/11/2014) – The Iowa Communications Network (ICN) is launching an awareness initiative called ‘Broadband Matters’ to showcase the importance of delivering broadband to all corners of the State. ICN’s mission with this initiative is to advocate for true high speed broadband to provide Iowans ‘connections that matter.’ As part of this initiative, we have launched a new website at www.broadbandmatters.com.

Broadband Matters will showcase the importance of broadband access for education, public safety, healthcare, and government, along with focusing on economic development and residential aspects. Ric Lumbard, ICN Executive Director explains statewide network connectivity, “Broadband will be the vehicle that will empower economic development. It’s the next wave of commerce. But it won’t just be for one sector, it will be for every aspect of our lives including education, government, public safety, and healthcare.”

The ICN invites you to learn about its Broadband Matters awareness campaign, and how broadband access is transforming the lives of Iowans. Videos are available that explain why Broadband Matters to a number of sectors directly affecting Iowans. The videos include statements from:


  • Bob von Wolffradt, State of Iowa Chief Information Officer
  • Debi Durham, Iowa Economic Development Authority Director
  • John Carver, Superintendent at Howard-Winneshiek CSD
  • Gregg Cruickshank, Superintendent at Sidney CSD and South Page CSD
  • Sergeant Tom Lampe, Department of Public Safety Interoperability Officer
  • Daren Relph, CEO at Wayne County Hospital in Corydon
  • Ken Bosier, Judicial, Director of Information Systems & Technology
  • Ric Lumbard, Iowa Communications Network


The ICN is committed to supporting the development of public/private partnerships that will overcome the obstacles preventing statewide high speed broadband access. Broadband Matters is a campaign initiative to educate Iowans on the importance of this effort.


Visit www.BroadbandMatters.com to learn more about this statewide broadband initiative.

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/BroadbandIowa #BroadbandMatters

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BroadbandMattersIowa


For More Information Contact:

Lori Larsen, ICN