Dr. Garber Receives Iowa Hospital Heroes Award Presented at the 81st Annual Iowa Hospital Association Meeting, October 7, 2010, Des Moines, Iowa:

Dr. Garber exemplifies the ideal small town doctor. He served our community for 46 years, caring for multiple generations of families, delivering many of the babies that came along. His commitment to his patients in southern Iowa was unwavering.
Originally from Anderson, Iowa, Dr. Garber completed his premedical studies at Drake University and the University of Nebraska. He received his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Iowa in 1958. Following medical school, he served three years in the United States Navy Medical Corps. After his discharge, Corydon became a place of opportunity, and in 1961 Dr. Garber established the Corydon Medical Clinic which served the community until his retirement in 2007.  Dr. Garber, a devoted family man, and his wife, Ann, raised 4 children.

Dr. Garber held every office on Wayne County Hospital’s medical staff. He provided leadership as the longtime medical director for Corydon Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Seymour Care Center and Hospice of Central Iowa, Centerville. He served as the Wayne County Medical Examiner for 23 years. He has been a valued mentor by his colleagues.

For several years Dr. Garber was the sole physician in the area. His dedication to his profession and his patients played an essential role in the medical services available today.

Dr. Garber believes in the vitality of our community and is involved in many community activities including Chamber of Commerce, Community Betterment, Lions and Masons.  He served on the City Council for 20 years.  He shared his love of theatre by directing a variety of Theater on the Square productions over the years.  And, he has always been active in his church.

A quote from one of his former employees is most fitting: “I know there are plenty of physicians who are touching lives every day. But I also know this is a man beyond compare. I believe they broke the mold with him and there will be few family physicians who sustain a community and a hospital they way he has done. He is a humble and gracious man who would not necessarily enjoy this praise, but every single word of it is deserved and heartfelt.”