County Ambulance Fleet Grows

Corydon, November 5, 2012: Wayne County has been fortunate to receive two ‘gifted’ ambulances from Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines this fall. The two donated units helped meet a need with no financial cost to the ambulance services involved. Wayne County Ambulance received a 2006 Ford Med Tec Ambulance with higher mileage, but a newer engine and transmission. This unit is currently being outfitted with necessary supplies through grant funds. This additional unit will allow for continuous coverage when an ambulance is out for service or repair. This donated unit will ultimately complete the Wayne County Ambulance fleet comprised of a 2012 Ford Med Tec and 2012 Chevy Med Tec.

Allerton First Responders received the second donated ambulance, a 2001 Ford Med Tec. This unit replaced their 20 year old ambulance that had serious mechanical issues and was unreliable. The Allerton First Responders is the only other emergency medical service in the county available to provide patient transport. This back-up coverage is vitally important for residents of Wayne County. Mercy Medical Center’s generous donation provided a means of continuing this service when funds were limited.

Wayne County is fortunate to have an outstanding county wide ambulance service operating 24/7. These services fulfill a critical need often providing long distance emergency transportation. It is through the generosity of the Mercy Medical Center that we are able to continue to maintain our delivery of exceptional emergency medical care.