Compliance Officer Announced – Lee Ann Osier, CPC, CPC-H

Corydon, October 15, 2012: We are pleased to announce Lee Ann Osier, CPC, CPC-H, Health Information Management Director has accepted the additional responsibility to serve as the Wayne County Hospital and Clinic System Compliance Officer. As Compliance Officer, Lee Ann coordinates the organizational compliance program, including the implementation of compliance policies and procedures.

If an employee feels as though a violation has occurred regarding the law, regulation, code of conduct, policy or procedure, they are to report to the compliance officer. The compliance officer will then determine what corrective measures are needed to ensure the standards are met and that they are being followed properly.

A separate phone line is installed in Lee Ann’s office that will be the Compliance Reporting Hot Line. This phone will have no-caller ID and callers can remain completely anonymous. The phone number is: 641- 872-5310.

Lee Ann has been in the health information management field since graduating from high school when she started as a file clerk. She has worked in both the clinic and hospital side and has extensive experience from working in Minnesota, Centerville and Chariton. Lee Ann rejoined WCH in 2008 and has been the HIM Director since that time. Lee Ann has the requisite training and understanding of regulatory requirements to fulfill the demanding responsibilities of this position.

Please join us in congratulating Lee Ann on her additional responsibilities