Wound Care

Because Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds…

Wayne County Hospital is pleased to offer the services of our wound-care specialists at our Wound Healing Center. Focused on providing specialized care for patients who suffer from non-healing or problematic wounds, the Wound Healing Center is located in the Specialty Clinic of the Wayne County Hospital.

Most wounds will heal within a two-week period. However, when a wound does not heal easily it is usually due to infection, blood flow issues, diabetes-related complications, poor nutrition or an unsuitable healing environment. These wounds require special attention and treatment to aid the healing process. Patients receive the care needed to help chronic wounds heal more quickly.

To help facilitate the healing process, patients and their families or care providers are shown how to care for the wounds at home. This combination of coordinated care and advanced treatment methods leads to excellent outcomes.

Under the direction of Dr. Randy Metzger, the Wound Healing Center accepts referrals from primary care providers, long-term care facilities, specialty clinic providers and self referrals.

Appointments with the Wound Healing Center may be made by calling 641-872-5259.