Oncology Services

Graff_Tara2Wayne County Hospital and Clinic System is pleased to provide Oncology Services with Dr. Tara Graff, D.O. Dr. Graff is a Midwest native and a graduate of the Medical College of Wisconsin cancer training program in Milwaukee, WI. She will be assisted at the clinic by Katie Kyhl, R.N., another Midwest native who has extensive experience in Iowa and at Memorial-Sloan Kettering in New York City. Dr. Graff and Ms. Kyhl host a monthly clinic at the Specialty Clinic, with the intention to increase the frequency of the clinic as the demand dictates. This is a full-service medical oncology clinic with all medical cancer treatments available at the Wayne County Hospital outpatient facility. For more information please call the Wayne County Hospital Specialty Clinic at 641-872-5259.

Infusion services are provided by specially trained nurses in our comfortable Oncology Suite. The Oncology Suite is all about comfort and relaxation during treatment. Large, comfortable recliners with remote lift control provide added comfort and convenience. A refrigerator stocked with cold drinks and ice pops and a basket of snacks are all within reach. A wonderful selection of books and magazines, all donated by caring staff, are available. Plus, individual tablets with headsets (or ear buds) are provided to watch the movie of your choice, play Suduko, solitaire or other games, all to help pass the time. Warm blankets and lap trays are also available. We will provide the utmost care for you during your stay with us.